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Why choose to Fish in France?


Go on the hunt for largest fish…

France is probably the best Carp fishing in the world and it is on the doorstep.  The continental climate provides a longer feeding period resulting in larger fish.

More choice

With an abundance of lakes for you to fish in, you will be spoiled for choice. You are more likely to find a beautiful, peaceful, quiet location to angle in.


Better weather

With the UK’s temperatures being lower than the average in European continent and with a higher percentage of rainfall, heading over to France with its warmer and dryer climate means you can not only find larger fish but you could also top up on Vitamin D.


A family holiday

With so many fishing destinations around France, tourist attractions and things to do, you could turn your fishing trip into a family holiday.


Big fish, great weather, magnificent locations, and excellent food. If you are into Carp fishing then France is the must visit destination!

carp fishing

Planning your trip

Whether you are a beginner or a specialist angler there are a few things to consider when booking your fishing trip:

The location you would like to visit.

How you would like to travel.

Fishing venue preference.

Checklist of equipment.

Your budget.


When booking your French fishing trip you may also need to factor toll charges and fuel into your budget, if you are driving.

French Carp Fishing Venues

Lac de Serre-Ponçon lakes in france

The main types of French Carp fishing venues are:

Private Venues

Private fisheries offer the best fishing, hassle free. Usually these venues will have accommodation on site, ideal if you would like to stay close to the water. Some locations provide the option of hiring the lake exclusively, so you and your angling companions can book the whole place for yourselves.


Public Lakes

Ideal, if your trip isn’t just about fishing and your budget is tight. There are hundreds of public lakes in France, many with Carp in them.  When fishing on a public lake you need to check the local rules and may need ask where to set up your rods.


Rivers and Canals

France is full of secluded rivers and canals where you can spend the whole day without seeing anyone else. A very different experience to fishing in lakes, fishing in these waters is a great way to test your skills.


*Please note to fish in France you will need to purchase a fishing permit or licence. Fishing licences in France are controlled by local voluntary fishing associations, acting on behalf of the government. You can normally obtain a carte de pêche/permis de pêche, at local tabacs, sport shops, or online at Cartedepeche the official website for the AAPPMA- Fishing Associations in France.

Fishing in France Checklist


Preparation is key when fishing in France, having an essential kit checklist to make sure you have everything you need is vital, as it could be difficult to pick up forgotten items.

Your usual angling kit should be ok unless you are fishing for huge fish, then you may need to upgrade your rods and reels to cope with the weight and power of your catch. If you are travelling to a lake with an abundance of large fish, it may also be wise to upgrade the strength and size of your hooks. Some manufacturers make “extra-strong” versions of popular hooks, and they’re worth including in your fishing kit. Another useful tool is a shockleader,  added to the main fishing line to absorb the stress when loading the rod.

When it comes to bait, it’s probably wise to take the majority with you, although some venues, will stock a selection for you to purchase.  Depending on which location you have chosen, there may be different rules as to which bait you can use, so it is always best to check before buying.

Travel Packages

Whether it’s your first trip to France or your 50th, Expert Travel Services can provide the perfect tailored package for you;

  • Ferry Travelling- Crossings from Dover to Calais you can take all of your fishing equipment, in your own vehicle, without worrying about luggage size and weight.
  • Channel Tunnel Tickets – Travel from Folkstone to Calais in as little as 35 minutes.
  • Vehicle Hire – Book car hire and  enjoy driving through the beautiful French countryside enroute to your fishing destination
  • Accommodation- Whether you are looking for a place to camp, a chalet, hotel or apartment, we can arrange the ideal accommodation for you.
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